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Blackhat (2015)

    Blackhat (2015)

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    Russell Crowe in the trailer for his directorial debut The Water Diviner [x]

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    once upon a time meme: [1/3] relationships | snow and charming
    "I will always find you."

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    Supernatural 10x01 sneak peek (video)

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    for any hemsbabe’s reading this, I think we should do like a secret santa this year (for anyone sticking around until christmas, or if you’re here (x)) like we can write fanfics for eachother, make photo edits, and all that good stuff :) (or if you’re brave enough, we could always mail stuff, Idk, just a thought) 

    great idea both too the fb group and secret santa :)

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    gif meme | thorloptrs requested: thor + 13 (hair porn)

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    The myth. The legend.

    Your faves could never.

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    8x20 // Pac-Man Fever

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    looking for blogs to follow!!!


    my dash seems too empty right now so yeah reblog if you post the following fandoms and I’ll check out your blog!!!!!

    - Teen Wolf
    - The 100
    - Supernatural
    - Harry Potter
    - Marvel
    - Once Upon A Time

    These are the mains that I’m looking for but just reblog to spread the word yeah, I’ll add you guys in a promo list!!!!